Sacrifice Zone

The totally avoidable tragedy of this nearly brings me to tears. I received this email and wanted to share it with you. Please watch it and help it go viral by sharing it with as many people as you can. You never know who will be the tipping point person!
I’m very excited to be able to share our new movie, Sacrifice Zone, with you. You can watch it online right now, for free!
Sacrifice Zone tells the story of the massive threat that coal seam gas mining (CSG) poses to our magnificent region out here in north-west NSW, and especially to our precious groundwater – the Great Artesian Basin.
I’m a farmer from Coonamble, and I’ve been passionate about protecting our groundwater for a very long time – because it’s literally the only permanent water for a large area of rural Australia. It’s our lifeblood – we couldn’t exist out here without it.
The threat to our water from coal seam gas (CSG) is real. And you can hear about it straight from the horse’s mouth, from people who are most at risk, by watching this wonderful film.
Nine years ago I learned about coal seam gas mining from a friend in Queensland, and I travelled up to the Darling Downs to see what was happening there.
What I learned from the local farmers, doctors and scientists was devastating. CSG in Queensland is already dewatering large volumes of water from the Great Artesian Basin and causing irreversible damage.
And the health impacts to the people living there, are horrendous. This industry must be stopped.
Now, Narrabri and the greater north-west region is at risk. Please take a minute to watch this inspiring movie and share it with your friends and colleagues. It’s free and ready to watch now.

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