Don't Frack Australia

Dear Tom,
This past week, the Federal Government was busy creating a hazy smokescreen for the gas industry to roll out fracking gasfields across the country.
Prime Minister Turnbull is trying to bully the states and territories into removing hard won controls on dangerous unconventional gas development yet again.
Despite talking big about limiting gas exports, Turnbull just walked away from any firm action to stop the big gas companies from sending most of our gas offshore.
His inaction means more high gas prices for Australian users, and a fresh attack on farmers and communities who are trying to protect their land and water from risky and polluting gasfields.
We’ve been contacted by farmers and community members across Australia this week who are fed up by these attacks, so we’ve put together this short video response to Turnbull’s dangerous lies.
Unrestricted gas exports from Queensland have sucked us dry of gas and driven up domestic prices. There’s plenty of gas, but greedy gas companies won’t supply it to Australians at affordable prices.
Even if farmers and regional communities were forced to live in a gasfield, it wouldn’t make one spot of difference – the gas would all be shipped offshore from Gladstone.
We won’t let Malcolm get away with his tired old lies about a fake gas “crisis”. Watch and share our short vid and read the full story on this issue in our referenced fact sheet.
The big gas companies have been robbing us blind. They are creating economic turmoil and trying to shift the blame to farmers and communities. And the Federal Government is right behind them.
They’re adding insult to injury by using a fake “crisis” as an excuse to destroy more of our farmland and natural areas – and risk even more of our precious water resources.
Now, the body that oversees GST distribution has also confirmed they are considering a proposal to coerce states and territories by withholding funds from them for imposing constraints on coal seam gas and fracking.
But we’re not going to let them get away with it!
Let’s keep challenging the government’s outrageous lies- and standing up to their dangerous agenda- by sharing this video.
Thanks for helping us spread the word.
Lock the Gate Alliance

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