Keep the Label Organic Pure to the Meaning

Dear Friend,
Right now the National Organic Standards Board is accepting public comments on important issues that will effect the integrity (or lack thereof) of organic standards for years to come. The critical role of the NOSB is to protect the interests of the organic community from attacks by corporate lobbyists sent by Industrial Agriculture and Corrupt Corporate Organic who want to water down organic integrity.
Unfortunately a small number of corporate organic companies are pushing to include soil-less hydroponics, even those imported from Canada, Mexico and Denmark, to be allowed in U.S. organic standards, even though its clearly prohibited and the vast majority of organic family farmers oppose this rule. As organic consumers, we all understand that Healthy Food comes from Healthy Plants grown in Healthy Soil. Soil is and must forever be the foundation of organic farming.
Even worse, an Organic Trade Board member and UNFI lobbyist is now openly pushing to allow new genetic engineering techniques such as gene editing and CRISPR to be included in organic, even when they haven’t been proven safe. This is an outrage, not only are the undermining the soil foundation of organic, but now they want to include new genetic engineering techniques to be allowed in organic.
Take a stand to protect organic standards! Organic farmers need your help today.
Every voice counts!

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