Beware of "Natural Flavour" on the Label

Well it’s been an interesting week. I made some mince stew Wednesday night with some Dolmio’s pasta sauce. Finished a decent sized plate of it and felt a compulsive urge to eat more. Recognising that as a symptom of an excitotoxin I checked the label, “natural flavour (from wheat)” it said. A call to Mars Foods (should have known, anyone who can produce Mars bars has got no truck with eating healthy food) and the customer service person said she would get back to me with what it contained. Sure enough, yeast extract she told me.

Now. If you don’t know the ramifications of yeast extract, here is some data for you.

MSG and yeast extract are used by food manufacturers as a taste enhancer to make the comparatively bland taste of natural foods more exciting and appealing to consumers. Unfortunately there are only minor reported side effects: reproductive disorders, migraine headaches, permanent damage to the endocrine system leading to obesity and other serious disorders. From

So I recommend you check the labels of what you buy and avoid those things that contain “natural flavour” as well as yeast extract, MSG, hydrolysed vegetable protein etc.