Former BlackRock Executive Predicts Downfall Of COVID-19 Vaccine Industry As Wall Street Investors Dump Pfizer and Moderna Stocks

Moderna and Pfizer Vials

An increasing number of Pfizer and Moderna investors are dumping their shares in the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers’ stocks as more nations scrap their vaccine mandates.

Reports reveal that Moderna has fallen 70 per cent from its peak, resulting in a 140 billion USD loss, while Pfizer is down 19 per cent.

Until now, Pfizer, the 29th largest corporation worldwide, had record earnings per share and a market capitalisation of around 270 billion USD, primarily due to sales of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine. The company’s antiviral medicines, like Paxlovid, have been expected to earn 22 billion USD in 2022.

Wells Fargo & Company, an American multinational financial services company, even predicted late last year that Pfizer could dominate the COVID-19 market in the years to come.

However, Pfizer lost 20 billion USD in market capitalisation on February 8, 2022, after its record earnings failed to meet expectations.

Blackrock Executive Edward Dowd, considered a top Wall Street insider, predicts that Moderna will fall to zero dollars per share. At the same time, he predicts Pfizer will plummet to ten dollars per share or less once lawsuits emerge against the companies for fraud involving concealing the fatal side effects of their experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

“Those of you who still think nothing’s going on, you don’t want to be what I call the bag holder. You don’t want to be the guy taking the fourth jab booster and holding these stocks (on their way) down. Moderna’s going to zero. I think Pfizer goes sub ten dollars once the lawsuits come out,” said Mr Dowd.

Although Big Pharma giants appear to be immune from legal responsibility for COVID-19 vaccine injuries or deaths due to government protections, like the US Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA), fraud will void these protections against lawsuits.

“Pfizer got blanket immunity with EUA. If fraud occurred, to my mind and what I’m seeing from their refusal to release the data, if there is fraud and it comes out, and we need whistleblowers, and it’s looking more apparent that this product is deadly, fraud eviscerates all contracts. That’s case law. So you go down the daisy chain, and that’s liability. That’s bankruptcy for Moderna, definitely Pfizer,” stated Mr Dowd.

Considering the increasing number of non-COVID related deaths reported by insurance companies since the vaccine rollout began, the avalanche of lawsuits against the Big Pharma giants may be very close.

Following American insurance company OneAmerica’s shocking report of a 40 per cent increase in non-COVID deaths in younger working-class employees, other insurance firms worldwide have reported similar rises in non-COVID deaths since the first vaccine rollouts in 2021.

“Unum Insurance is up 36 per cent, Lincoln National plus 57 per cent, Prudential plus 41 per cent, Reinsurance Group of America plus 21 per cent, Hartford plus 32 per cent, Met Life plus 24 per cent, and Aegon, which is a Dutch insurer, saw in their US arm plus 57 per cent in the 4th quarter – in the 3rd quarter they saw a 258 per cent increase in death claims,” noted Mr Dowd.

“The bodies are piling up.”

Former Russian Ambassador and Current CIA Director, Bill Burns, Knew Exactly What Would Trigger Vladimir Putin to Enter Ukraine

Joe Biden and Bill Burns

A fantastic piece by Peter Beinart on substack puts excellent clarity on the people around Joe Biden baiting Russian President Vladimir Putin to enter Ukraine.

Current CIA Director William “Bill” Burns was the former ambassador to Russia and Jordan.  Bill Burns had a 33-year career at the State Department under both Republican and Democratic presidents and speaks fluent Russian. If the people in the background of Joe Biden wanted an intelligence operative to trigger a specific result from Russia, there’s no one more strategically perfect for the job than CIA Director Bill Burns.

The article by Beinart is mainly focused on pointing out the irreconcilable nature of Joe Biden implying Ukraine could join NATO, while his own CIA Director has a history of giving serious warnings emphasizing the “brightest of all red lines” about that specific point.

[…]  “Two years ago, Burns wrote a memoir entitled, The Back Channel. It directly contradicts the argument being proffered by the administration he now serves. In his book, Burns says over and over that Russians of all ideological stripes—not just Putin—loathed and feared NATO expansion. He quotes a memo he wrote while serving as counselor for political affairs at the US embassy in Moscow in 1995. ‘Hostility to early NATO expansion,” it declares, “is almost universally felt across the domestic political spectrum here.”

On the question of extending NATO membership to Ukraine, Burns’ warnings about the breadth of Russian opposition are even more emphatic. “Ukrainian entry into NATO is the brightest of all redlines for the Russian elite (not just Putin),” he wrote in a 2008 memo to then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. “In more than two and a half years of conversations with key Russian players, from knuckle-draggers in the dark recesses of the Kremlin to Putin’s sharpest liberal critics, I have yet to find anyone who views Ukraine in NATO as anything other than a direct challenge to Russian interests.”

Against this backdrop of Bill Burns, the details about the lead up to the Russia-Ukraine crisis gain quite a bit of clarity.



Reminds me of a line from the Eagles’ song Hotel California, “This could be Heaven or this could be Hell.”

Dr – Who Knows?

Dr - Who Knows?

Let’s play an “imagine game” for a moment.

Let’s say you had been suffering from symptoms that included: fatigue, chills, hair loss, cold feet and hands, brain fog, depression, constipation, nervousness, mood swings, loss of appetite, anxiety attacks, weight gain, irregular heart rate, low energy, and high blood pressure.

So you go to your doctor and after a complete workup including bloodwork, you’re told there’s nothing wrong.

Oh, and probably are given meds for the blood pressure, depression and anxiety and are told to go on a diet.

But you’re still suffering, so you get frustrated and go back to the doctor…and are again told everything came back normal (or maybe it’s all in your head)…..

You’ve just gotten a glimpse into the world of undiagnosed hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

And it’s far more common than you think.

Currently over 20 million Americans have an issue with their thyroids, with underactive thyroid being far more common than overactive.

Since thyroid hormones are used by every single one of the 30 trillion cells in your body, having hypothyroidism can affect you from head to toe with a myriad of symptoms like I mentioned above.

Good Versus Bad Fats

Good Versus Bad Fats

This is vitally important. I watched a video recently where the doctor said he has tracked the rise in degenerative disease to the rise in seed oils. His take was that 85% of our health issues stem from seed oils, 10% from sugar and 5% from wheat.