Antidepressants use among young Australians has soared, so has the suicide rate

An explosion in the use of antidepressants has been linked to the tragic rise in the number of youth suicides in Australia.

As a result, experts in the field — and the nation’s leading suicide prevention organisations — stand accused of getting the management of depression “horribly wrong”.

Suicides among young Australians have leapt by nearly 40 per cent since 2009 at the same time as the use of antidepressants has surged by 60 per cent in this age group, research shows.

More than 430,000 Australians aged under 27 (up from 149,538 in 2008) are now using antidepressants including over 100,000 under the age of 17 (up from 29,773 in 2008), Health Department figures show.

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think


(Tom’s note: Please bear in mind these researchers do not take into account that you are a spiritual being, they think of you only as a body, so they are missing the key element in the big picture, the elephant in the china shop if you will. So in the article when they refer to structure, accept their label of the brain but when they refer to function, they would be more accurate to refer to the mind or you, the spirit.)

A 2013 study on mice published in the journal Brain, Structure and Function used differed types of noise and silence and monitored the effect the sound and silence had on the brains of the mice. The silence was intended to be the control in the study but what they found was surprising. The scientists discovered that when the mice were exposed to two hours of silence per day they developed new cells in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a region of the brain associated with memory, emotion and learning.

Watch The 5G Animation And Sign The Petition

Watch The 5G Animation And Sign The Petition

Most people think that 5G is just like 2G, 3G and 4G and that it will just mean we have faster internet.

Unfortunately this will come at great cost to public health and safety as 5G technology is very different to anything we’ve had in the past.

If faster internet comes at the expense of our health, children, animals and the environment, is it worth it?

What is 5G

5G technology will use extremely high (millimetre wave) frequencies. Instead of having one large phone tower that facilitates the signal reception of cellular phones and other wireless communication devices over a broad area like we have currently, 5G will include not only the large phone tower but also antennae set up about every 100 to 500 meters.

This is concerning because 5G is designed to deliver concentrated and focused electromagnetic radiation far greater than current levels and will result in a massive increase in inescapable, involuntary exposure to wireless radiation.

A more detailed explanation of 5G can be found here

Don’t Buy Chevon’s Lies

Every year, a larger band of human rights and environmental activists show up at the Chevron shareholders meeting to stubbornly speak truth to power.
Only a week after “Anti-Chevron Day” when protests took place in five different countries, activists came out once again to target the “worst corporate actor on the planet.” This year Chevron won another award for being the “Corporate Bully of the Year.”
From deliberately dumping 16 billion gallons of toxic oil waste in the Amazon (which it refuses to clean up) to criminally neglecting safety measures leading to its Richmond refinery exploding and sending 15,000 local community members to the hospital, Chevron is in a class of its own.