The amino acid taurine is found in animal foods such as seafood, grass-fed red meat, dairy products, pastured eggs, and poultry.

Of the amino acids, it’s the most abundant source of sulfur, and is required for many biological processes, including the healthy function of your immune system, nervous system, metabolism, and digestion.

Taurine is important for brain and heart health, muscle function, bile salt formation and antioxidant defenses. It also helps rebuild damaged collagen fibers and can help ease anxiety.

According to recent research, taurine may also play an important role in longevity and healthy aging. In mice, the median lifespan increased by 10% to 12%. Life expectancy at 28 months was raised by 18% to 25%.

Taurine improved strength, coordination and endurance, bone mass and bone quality, glucose homeostasis and glucose tolerance, age-related inflammation, immune function, gut health, memory, mitochondrial function and the function of all organs.