Re the Upcoming Australian Federal Election

Simon Shields posted to a Liberal party member’s social media page:

“Why should Australians trust the liberals, when based on past performance liberals have lied, reneged on election promises, have blatant conflicts of interest especially Scott Morrison regarding vaccine manufacturers, have shown callous disregard for the Australian people being railroaded via coercion to undergo an experimental medical procedure without free informed consent; shown callous disregard for the laws of this country particularly section 51-23a & 109 of Australian Constitution, sec 95 of Biosecurity Act, sec 94H of Privacy Act, Articles 1 & 6 of Nuremberg Code , Sec 5(11) of Judicature Act (QLD) or equivalent Acts in other States, committed treason by selling of Australian Assets & Jobs to overseas interests, aided & abetted constitutional changes regards Styles & Titles Act replacement of constitutional sovereign with a bogus Queen of Australia without required referendums, Allowed the State Governments to use tyrannical unconstitutional practices to enforce a bogus medical emergency by enforcing state border restrictions to force Australians to undergo dangerous medical procedures. Colluded to hide pedophiles in government by ensuring a moratorium on the release of information be in place. Censored unfavourable opinions. Condoned blatant contraventions of human rights especially freedom of speech & bodily integrity. And to tap it all off, acting as if nothing happened and all is forgiven.

“The Incumbent liberals labor & greens don’t deserve to be public servants, they should be tried for crimes against humanity including genocide, misconduct in public office, assault & battery, manslaughter, murder and treason. If found guilty hung by the neck until dead and buried in unmarked graves, their assets confiscated and distributed proportionally to the victims of their crimes.

“What do you plan to do to right these wrongs?”

(Tom: I agree!

The Liberal/Nationals/Labor/Greens have sold us out.

Voting for the major parties will just get more of the same insanity.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insane. This election, be more sane. Vote different.

One person recently recommended we all place the sitting member last. Which is a good, simple idea but here’s a more powerful one to make your vote really count.

This is a great example describing preferential voting. )