So What Are My Reservations About Cloud Computing?

Re the cloud as presented in
What happens when someone in authority does not like what you have stored on “their\your” cloud and decides to delete your account? (Recently happened to the email account of an anti-vaccination campaigner I know.)
What happens if your cloud vendor has a power outage and you cannot access your data for three days? (Happened recently in EU – Amazon’s botched backup causes cloud chaos, admits software bug also caused it to delete storage snapshots. Some customers forced to wait up to three days for Amazon to retrieve a snapshot…,amazons-botched-backup-causes-cloud-chaos.aspx)
Whilst the incidents in the Chrome notebook presentation are dramatic and we probably all know someone who has suffered a loss, they are far from routine. Good backup practices are vital for data preservation.
The cloud most benefits the storage space vendors and big brother.
Not for this little black duck!

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