US Clean Water

I received an email that I thought worthy of asking my US friends to take action on:

Dear Tom,

We only have two days left to speak out against the EPA’s dangerous plan to roll back vital clean water protections — and we need to mobilize the biggest possible public outcry before the comment period ends on Monday. Can I count on you to help?

Please, submit an official public comment of opposition to the “Dirty Water Rule” and show the EPA that you won’t let them allow pollution in our drinking water without a fight!…

This plan would strip out key provisions from the Clean Water Act — which has protected our drinking water supplies, swimming spots, and fishing holes from dangerous pollution for nearly 50 years — so that corporate polluters can dump toxic chemicals into the rivers and streams that feed our drinking water.

NRDC is doing everything we can to fight back against this heinous rollback — and will take the fight to court, if that’s what it takes — but right now, the most important thing you can do to help is flood the EPA’s inbox with public comments opposing the “Dirty Water Rule.”

This is your last chance: Raise your voice for clean water protections today. Thank you for standing with us.


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