False flags over Syria

False flags over Syria

Speaking of 9/11 War Games, Russia just held some war games on 9/11. And not just any war games, but the biggest war games they’ve held since the Cold War. The drills, scheduled to wrap up on the 17th, involve the deployment of 300,000 troops and include maneuvers in Russia’s Far East region, as well as a naval build up in the waters of the East Sea, the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. . . . Oh, and these war games also involve the Chinese military.

Although significant by themselves, these exercises are made all the more significant by the fact that they come hot on the heels of a major naval exercise in the eastern Mediterranean (aka Syria’s doorstep) earlier this month.

Do you have the feeling that there is a concerted effort going on right now to demonstrate Russia’s military might? Then you’re right! Of course, these exercises are not happening in a vacuum, but as the endgame in Syria draws near, with Syrian troops and the Russian Air Force beginning their campaign to oust the final enclave of terrorist jihadis from Syria’s Idlib Governorate.

As you can imagine, the gaggle of bloodthirsty neocons that infest Trump’s war cabinet are unhappy about the prospect of their golden boys in Syria—those lovely child-beheading terrorists that they have been supporting for the last seven years—being vanquished entirely. After all, the Al CIA-duh terrorists are the “good guys” these days, don’t you know. (Actually they were always the “good guys,” but that’s a conspiracy fact for another time.)

And so, like clockwork, we have the good lapdogs of the corporate press solemnly warning that there will be a chemical false flag attack in Idlib very soon to justify the next strike on Syria that we know Trump and his cronies are already planning. Of course, they don’t call it a false flag attack, but we all know that’s exactly what is on the drawing board. And, as James Evan Pilato and I report on the latest edition of New World Next Week (which, intriguingly, has been age-restricted on YouTube), the Russian military is now claiming that “several Middle East TV channels and a US news channel” are currently in Idlib “to produce the footage needed” to convince the world of the reality of this staged chemical weapons attack.

But we don’t even have to take the Russian military’s word for it. All we have to do is look at the history of the Syrian conflict to see that it is the “moderate rebels” who actually possess and have openly threatened to use chemical weapons, and who have been caught staging chemical weapons attacks to blame on the Syrian government.


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