RIP Australia

RIP Australia

To fix something you must first recognise that there is a problem.

Hopefully you will agree, the above represents a real problem in logic, in fairness and in sanity.

Then there must be an accurate assessment of how the problem was caused.

There must then be a means and the wherewithal and the courage to change what causes the conditions that led to the problem.

I believe that the above conditions are caused by having career polititians serving the agenda of the few rather than the best interests of their constituents.

This will not change while we continue to elect those from the two main parties.

To fix the problem, stop electing those who are beholden to the party above their constituents!

The one thing you can do that will take the least of your time and heavily disenfranchise the major parties is to simply vote for an independent candidate next election. Please look for an independent candidate who subscribes to your philosophies and promote them!

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