TPP Protest Tomorrow, Midday October 11, 2015

I just received this email:
Dear Tom,
How are you?
I think you know about CEC (Citizens Electoral Council). I’ve been an active supporter of them for a while and occasionally help them distribute their papers in Parramatta/Blacktown area. Actually I’d like to give you their recent paper. I’ll put it in your letterbox when I go past your house next time. CEC, small as it is, works to get truth out and bring justice and fairness in the world. It has a big influence around the world and their power is not to be underestimated.
Below is an e-mail from Ann, my friend who is CEC’s NSW Secretary. You don’t have to read it all but the point is there will be TPP Protest Rally at Town Hall at 12pm tomorrow (Sunday) and she’s encouraging everyone to go there and support.
I found it’s organized by a few anti TPP group jointly and called Reject the TPP – Sydney. You’l see it in FB if you search.
I’ve been concerned about TPP for a while. Now that I found a group acting against it, I’d like to support it. I’m going to the rally tomorrow and would like to encourage anyone to participate. Because as you may know, TPP deprives us of basic human rights and everything we built toward better world as it’s a huge step toward the world government representing insane and egotistic corporate interests who can override our national laws protecting us.
Best regards
The email referred to above is:
Hi Everyone,
This Sunday, 12noon at the Sydney Town Hall there will be a protest Rally against the TPP.
This is an opportunity to speak with and organise other people who don’t want Australia’s sovereignty eroded under this treaty, to learn about the alternative to the New World Order/One World Government agenda which is the New, Just Economic Order of the BRICS countries. If you have any copies of the latest or previous New Citizen referencing the BRICS countries program please take them along to hand out and remember to take a note book and pencil or pen to get the names of any people you speak with because if they really want to stop the Obama agenda of the TPP and more, then they need to work with us.
As Jeff Steinberg reported yesterday Obama is being abandoned by all his “old friends” except the Saudis.
Russia has now launched a dynamic air, land, and sea offensive in Syria, in conjunction with the Syrian Army, backed up by Hezbollah and IRGC forces. The primary targets are the Islamic State and the Army of Conquest, which is a Saudi creation dominated by Al Qaeda (the Nusra Front). Today, President Putin met with Defense Minister Shoigu, and their meeting was partially televised. Shoigu announced that the Russian Navy had joined the combat against ISIS, with four Russian Navy ships in the Caspian Sea firing 26 cruise missiles a distance of 900 miles, to ISIS targets in northern Syria.
Iraq has indicated it will ask Russia to begin bombing operations against ISIS inside Iraq. Turkey has announced, contrary to NATO and Obama Administration rantings, that relations with Russia are fine, and that a military channel has been established to make sure that there are no incidents between Russian and Turkish planes along the Syrian border region. Acting Prime Minister Davutoglu told reporters on Wednesday that Russian-Turkish relations are friendly and neighborly and there will be no Turkey-Russia conflict stemming from the situation in Syria.
Obama has been thoroughly outflanked and boxed in by the Russian actions, which have triggered a significant break from Obama by key traditional US allies in Europe and the Middle East. Adding insult to injury, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came out on Wednesday, while campaigning in Iowa, to announce her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This means that all three major Democratic Party presidential candidates have broken with Obama on the TPP.
Obama has been abandoned by all of his “old friends,” with the sole exception of the Saudis.
While Obama was celebrating the TPP deal over the weekend, it is more and more likely that it will boomerang against him, and could catalyse all of his enemies into one single force, beating him down over TPP.
Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized that it is clear that Obama is being abandoned by all of his former friends, including Hillary Clinton. He can and must be removed from office, at this moment, when the issue of war and peace hangs in the balance. From Russia come warnings that Obama could totally flip out over the Putin diplomatic successes of recent weeks, and look to start new color revolution war provocations against Russia. These could come in Eastern Ukraine, in Moldova, in the Transdinestra enclave, or in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Caspian Sea region.
Obama is stuck in quicksand up to his belly, but he is still a menace and nothing short of his removal from office will fully resolve the crisis.
The timing is essential. Wall Street and London are irreversibly bankrupt, and any trigger could detonate the blowout of the entire system. Glass-Steagall must be enacted {before} the blowout. The Federal Reserve is powerless, stuck with a balance sheet of $5.2 trillion, courtesy of the QE bailout, and a zero- interest-rate policy that has further fed the bubble.
Obama’s removal, preferably under the 25th Amendment, and the simultaneous passage of legislation restoring Glass-Steagall, represent the only sane option. Putin’s flanking operations in Syria have created the necessary opening to bring down the whole Obama mess. Don’t miss the historic opportunity. It may not come again.
Have Fun!
Ann Lawler
National Chairman &
NSW State Secretary
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

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